We are Sisters of Jesus Mary Joseph (JMJ) called by the Spirit to cross-frontiers of culture, language and belief, living in International Communities to carry out the mission of Christ by our apostolic work. As JMJ Society is identified with social apostolate right from the inception of the Society, it carries on a number of activities in different parts of India in collaboration with the government and non-governmental organizations. We live in the spirit of our Founder Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff S.J, in obedience with the Charism, "Ever Adaptable Apostolic Availability".

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We long for a just and peaceful society in which each individual and each community is empowered and self-reliant; where human dignity, equal rights and equal opportunities are enjoyed by all.


•  The objectives of JMJ SSS shall be purely Social, Secular, non-political and Charitable for the benefit of all the poor                irrespective of caste, Race, or Religion.

•  To  empower  women in general and victims of abuse in particular to recognize their worth, and  celebrate  life  by 

      living with dignity and confidence.



 Help the people to help themselves.

Women Integrated Development

Empowerment of women is very essential in India. It is vital to the family, community and society at large and more so to the rural poor women. A majority of rural women not only lack basic education, but also are deprived of opportunities for growth. They are denied participation in decision making in all family matters and in matters of affecting their personal life. They are economically over-dependent on the male members of the family.
To empower these rural women and educate them in all spheres of their life, the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph (JMJ) Mahabubnagar province created a platform for women to express their ideas freely, share their problems openly, face life courageously and lead happy family life. Formation of women into Self-help groups helped them to help themselves at all levels

Physically and Mentally Challenged Children

We are supporting for the education of differently-abled children in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the support of Stitching Lillian Fonds.

Stitching Lilian Fonds the international organisation giving sponsorship to our poor handicapped children who are differently abled are given  education and health care, micro finance and rehabilitating them through family, specially by parents  for the growth of the child.Some children are kept in different hostels for their education. 

JMJ SSS taking care for the follow up once in six months sending report about the improvement of the child by individual justification along with child photo. 

Widows training programme

We focus on young widows, as they are most open to change. Widow support groups take workshops on social justice, human rights and neuron-linguistic programming courses that adopt a systematic, psychological approach to attitudinal change. The workshops encourage active participation and skills development. They help widows face life with more courage and confidence. They are encouraged to live normal lives like other women.

15th October 2016 conducted widows meeting. 70 widows attended this meeting. In this meeting we have given awareness program on superstitions  on removing bindi, flowers, wearing white sari, bangles, not attending any functions like marriages, sari functions  etc. 

Orphan children program

As part of the developmental activities of JMJ SSS, we have under our care 60 orphan and semi- orphan children. These children remain with their relatives and few others are kept in the hostel giving them free education. Once in a year we gather them together and celebrate their Birthday’s in which our women SHG members to join. It’s a day of sharing their experiences and fun-filled day.

Establishing and Maintaining Rehabilitation Homes for HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a sensitive issue. It renders the people infected with the virus and the patients are affected not only in terms of physical ailments but the deadly sickness has an impact on the mind and the spirit. The community Care Centre (CCC) is supported by JMJ General Hospital and the hospital is providing comprehensive care and the support services in the form of counselling, outreach services.

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